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Guisborough Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Register Of Baptisms Skelton Section 1869 – 1926


Teesside Archives Piece No R/M/RSG 3/13/1 & 3/14/1


Methodist baptism registers can be difficult to use, particularly those for the earlier part of the nineteenth century when the denomination was growing rapidly and a number of smaller sects were breaking away from the mainstream.


The earliest registers were Circuit registers, later ones, like these, usually covered a section of a Circuit and only towards the end of the century were registers kept for individual chapels. This complication is further confused by the changes in Circuit boundaries which could take place during the life of any particular register.


This is essentially a Skelton register with a few entries for Boosbeck, Lingdale, New Skelton and South Skelton. One entry for 1896 seems to have been entered by mistake in the older register, 1869 – 1879. At this time the Skelton Society moved to a new chapel for which a new register was started.


The listing is an abbreviated transcript of all the valid entries in the registers. The entries have been transcribed as written whenever possible including fairly obvious variant spellings of names. Some standardization of place names has been adopted and these indicate the Society or Class to which the parents belonged rather than specific residence. Where blanks or omissions occur in the registers these have been omitted.


This index should be used as a finding aid only and the advice is to refer back to the original entries in the registers which contain more information including, in most cases, the date of birth.


I acknowledge, with gratitude, the help and encouragement given by the staff of Teesside Archives Department in preparing this index and the Cleveland, North Yorks & South Durham Family History Society for providing publication facilities.


R S Turner