Cleveland, North Yorkshire & South Durham Family History Society

Photo Gallery

A Visual Celebration and Your Local Impressions

Just as the saying goes... "a picture is worth more than a thousand words"

So with that in mind we are happy and honoured to showcase on the site the many and varied visual impressions of our beloved evergreen counties.

The current Contributors are:

Brian Swales

Michael Newton

Rennison Vayro

Christine Jemmeson

Dave Horner

Ken Urwin

Colin Wood

Jane Wynne

John Knaggs

Many Thanks to you all and the many others who are enthusiastically looking to add to this historic and visual archive.

We will continue to add to this list all the wonderful photos and images that we receive.

This is by no means the final layout or design. It is just a "place holder" that we are using to collate and archive the images sent to us.

It is also an acknowledgment of all the Contributors' efforts, (and to let them know what they have actually sent in.)

We are continuing with the exercise and hope that more of you send in your stunning impressions and snapshots.

They will definitely get featured in the gallery with credits, while some will be used to spruce up the theme/ layout of the website.

Please do not limit your contributions to just photographs. There is a rich history and collection of visual imagery from the many counties.

Historical and Topical Drawings, etchings, illustrations, etc are welcome too. Just remember to add all the relevant reference details, so everything can be presented in the proper context. If we get a sufficient number we will consider creating a second gallery just for them.

All your efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Please continue to send your images to