Cleveland, North Yorkshire & South Durham
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Spring Family History Day 2016

Scotch Corner Hotel, Saturday 23 April 2016

Cleveland, North Yorkshire & South Durham Family History Society invite beginners and experienced family historians to their 16th Family History Day.

We will have specialists on hand to give assistance together with bookstands and displays. [More..]

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General Information

Cleveland as a County had a short existence, being created in 1974 from its predecessor, Teesside, which was in turn created from parts of County Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire.

The county ceased to exist in April 1996 when a further round of local government reorganisation saw the creation of four Unitary Authorities from the carcass of Cleveland.

The Society will, nevertheless, continue to serve its members by offering the range of services, publications and Journals it has since its creation in 1980.

The Society was formed to cover a perceived gap in the coverage of the neighbouring societies, Northumberland & Durham FHS and the various societies serving Yorkshire.

It seemed that there was a blank area to the south of County Durham and the north of the North Riding which was not adequately addressed by the existing societies.

With their blessing we have since then provided a service for our members which covers the county of Cleveland and the following areas of Durham and Yorkshire:- Durham - all parishes south of a line from Hart on the coast to Middleton in Teesdale. Yorkshire - most of the old North Riding from Whitby to Hawes.

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